Give Your Family the Guidance It Needs

Contact a guardianship attorney in Antioch, Walnut Creek, CA and the Greater Bay Area

There are times when children, elderly or others need help with making life and legal decisions. In those cases, Arise Law Group will help you with establishing guardianship or conservatorship over that person. Sometimes, this is a grandparent who is taking care of children when the parents are unavailable. The guardian will make all legal decisions for the child or children, including medical and school choices. Contact Arise Law Group to learn more about guardianship in Antioch, Walnut Creek, CA or the Greater Bay Area.

We also offer assistance with conservatorships

There are times when someone is needed to take over the management of an estate or make necessary life decisions for an adult. Conservatorships occur when people can’t make decisions for themselves due to:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Mental incapacity

In some cases, these are parents who continue to care for a disabled child after they turn 18 or it is a friend or relative who is needed to care for another adult due to their inability to make their own decisions. Call 925-238-0444 today to find out about conservatorship in the Walnut Creek, Antioch, CA and Greater Bay Area.